Before you move forward to check any information on Top Up TV, we want to clarify that after the discontinuation of services from Top Up TV, a new team has taken over this domain name and is currently making it a TV review blog. Hence you will find amazing reviews of the best TVs and related accessories. You can check it out on our post on Under £1000 4K TV reviews or Best 4K Gaming TV reviews.

A Note About The Old Website

In June 2013, following the acquisition of ESPN by BT and the announcement of the removal of Sky Sports 1 & 2 from the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Network by BT, Top Up TV began sending letters to their customers stating that their premium sports package(s) will be discontinued. Sky Sports 1 & 2 were removed on 1 July and ESPN on 1 August.

In September Top Up TV sent customers on the TV Favourites and PictureBox packages letters informing them that the service would cease broadcasting on 31 October 2013 and that all remaining subscriptions will cease automatically. TUTV advised that the hardware will continue to work as a Freeview decoder. This brought the period of uncertainty about TUTV’s future to an end.

On 31 October Top Up TV placed a notice on their website stating that they had ceased broadcasting. The company sold their subscriber business to Sky where new subscribers to Sky could get up to 50% off for a year if they go through Top Up TV, but continued to run conditional access to the Freeview platform which BT uses to broadcast BT Sports 1 and 2 which ended in June 2015.


Top Up TV ceased broadcasting its TV Favourites and Picturebox channels at midnight on Wednesday, 30 October 2013. Viewers with Top Up TV equipment will continue to be able receive more than 50 Freeview channels, including movies on Film4. Note: The Top Up 14-day programme guide is no longer available in some areas and will cease broadcasting in January 2014. To receive the standard 8-day Freeview programme guide, press Menu on your DTR remote control and then select the following options: Settings Change your box settings Option 8 or 9 – TV guide type 8 For more information contact 08712 714 271

This domain name no longer belongs to the UK company Top Up TV.